This camera is a bit different than the others on this list. Not only is it able to capture three dimensional images and videos, but it can capture a 360-degree panoramic view. In a sense, this three-dimensional view is similar to a virtual reality. In fact, the videos and images captured with this device can be used with virtual reality headsets.

Direct Connection with Your Phone

Another important difference between this camera and the others is that it can be installed directly on to your phone, if you have a Galaxy device. It also is exceptionally easy to use. It goes particularly well with the S7/S7 Edge and the Gear VR, but the range of devices it can be used in conjunction with is limited. So, one drawback is that you won’t be able to simply hook it up to your television set.

Low Lighting Conditions

If you are looking to film in low lighting conditions, the Samsung Gear 360 is good. It has an f/2 lens. This is the largest aperture of any of the cameras featured. In addition, it has a high ISO that allows it to capture images in a variety of lighting conditions.

Transportability of The Camera

While the camera comes with its own tripod, it’s possible to attach it to a variety of other tripods. This makes it easy to film scenes in a variety of settings. In addition, the camera is waterproof. This also can greatly increase the versatility of the device.

There are some downsides to this camera though. For one, the image that is captured tends to have very apparent stitch lines. This can be difficult to edit out. The microphone also isn’t that good, and it may even necessitate having a separate microphone to capture the sound. In addition, it is not easy to transport this device. It can’t be carried in one’s pocket. Therefore, it is typically necessary to carry it in a case or backpack of some kind.

In addition, it is a bit heavier than some of the other 360 degree cameras that are on the market. In fact, it weighs in at double the weight of LG’s 360-degree camera. Still, it weighs about the same as a cue ball for pool. Too heavy to be carried in a pocket, but it can easily be transported in a backpack or duffle bag.

Speed of The Camera

One downside is that you can’t do burst shooting, and it isn’t a very fast camera. It also can be a bit slow to transfer photos and videos to other devices. To shoot and finalize a one minute video with Bluetooth, it will take you a bit over three minutes. Still, this isn’t too bad. It only takes around five seconds with a photograph. This is fast enough that it can be used quite effectively for most photography purposes.


However, the pricing of this camera is good. It’s easy to get good deals on it used. Of course, you can also get a new one off the internet. The price on a Samsung Gear 360 new tends to be around 300 – 350 dollars, but it’s possible to get one even cheaper.