Panasonic is one of the most widely known camera manufacturers, and they make excellent three dimensional cameras. Panasonic Lumix 3D cameras have been reviewed extremely well, and they are available for the reasonable price of $699.98. When you photograph something with their three-dimensional cameras, they don’t just take a singular photograph. It takes two photographs and then automatically puts them together in a manner to create a three-dimensional image.

Simultaneous Shooting of Two Images

With some three-dimensional cameras that take two images, the two images are taken at different times. This can result in problems, if there is movement in them at the time. However, the Panasonic Lumix 3d series takes both photographs at the same time. Therefore, the danger of movement ruining the photo is much smaller.

The Zoom Feature

In addition to producing a three-dimensional image, it also offers a zoom feature. While the zoom on the camera is only four power, it makes a significant difference in terms of what you can see in the image.

Use in Low Lighting Conditions

If you are going to be taking photographs in a dark space, this is a good camera to choose. It has a large F3.9 to F13 aperture. This is significantly larger than the standard 35 mm lens. The ISO sensitivity is 3200, which is quite high compared to many digital cameras on the market. This makes it much more likely that the image will be crystal clear despite the lighting conditions.

Other Features of The Device

Not only can it shoot three dimensional photographs, but they are clear and in high definition. If you ever would like to take a two-dimensional photograph instead of a three dimensional one, it’s possible to do that with this camera too.

It is important to note that images are not shown in 3D on the screen for the camera. To see the three-dimensional image, you will need to connect the camera to another device. Luckily, this is extremely easy to do. It can be easily connected to a computer or a television set.

If you are interested in uploading your film to YouTube, that’s very easy to do. In fact, it can upload your movie in high definition! However, it may or may not be possible to watch your three-dimensional video on YouTube. Some viewers may not be able to watch three dimensional videos from their browser, but it still would be possible to watch it in two dimensions.

Even though the screen does not show three dimensional images, it shows the image on the camera is quite high quality. In fact, it is a touchscreen LCD screen.

Three dimensional images and videos do take up more space than two dimensional images and videos. However, there is quite a lot of space on this camera. In fact, there is 70 megabytes of it. That’s enough to fit quite a lot of movies and photographs. While it’s able to store a lot of photographs and videos, it is quite compact. This makes it exceptionally easy to transport.

Built in Internet Connection

Not only does this camera have all the bells and whistles that you’ll need for filming, but you can connect it to the internet directly. Yes, you read that right; this digital camera can be connected to the internet. That makes it exceptionally easy to share movies and photos online. Not only can you share directly using common video streaming platforms, but it is possible to put your videos anywhere that you choose. In addition, the camera can also be used for other purposes online.