3D cameras are all the rave as we march steadily through the spring of 2018. This technology is still relatively young in the marketplace, yet there are still so many options to choose from. That’s why we compiled a list. Here are the top 11 3D cameras of 2018, what they do, how much they cost, and why you should consider one of them to capture the events of this exciting year.

11 – Insta 360 Air

The Insta 360 Air is an Android accessory that attaches directly to your cell phone. The 360 Air, just like the name states, offers the ability to capture a full 360 degrees. The price is very agreeable, at around 129.00. Some users, however, complain of battery drain and low resolution. At the end of the day, it all really depends on what you’re looking for.

10 – Insta 360 Nano

The 360 Nano is a hand-held 360 camera that offers the benefits of shoot-and-spin technology, from the palm of your hand. The 360 Nano captures decent footage and can shoot with or without the presence of your iPhone. User complaints stated that an iPhone version 6 or later is required to cut and crop video. All in all, the Insta 360 Nano is a nice package, at an affordable price of around $200.00.

9 – Samsung Gear 360

Samsung has released its second and refined version of its original shoot-and-spin camera, the Samsung Gear 360. The Gear 360 is compatible with iOS and MacOS operating systems. This camera is ‘liked’ for its clear 4K video capabilities, smooth live streaming, and small size. Users have frowned upon the non-removable battery, large file sizes and limited frame rates of 24fps. MSRP is $229.00, which makes it an affordable camera, with good reviews capable of capturing good images in most environments.

8 – Ricoh Theta S

The Theta S is a compact 360 cam that boasts positive and balanced reviews across the board. A smooth video is shot at a decent frame rate in high resolution. Some users wish that construction was more hardy for some of those ‘trying’ environments. The MSRP of the Ricoh Theta S sits at $350.00 which makes it a quality camera at a competitive price.

7 – Vuze VR

The Vuze VR is a beast of a camera. Unlike our earlier models, the Vuze is a tripod based, multi-lens, 3D 360 cam with great resolution, and a solid build. This is a specialized camera designed for niche work, unlike some smaller handheld models. The price is heavy-handed at $700 MSRP, but if you have a special project, it may be well worth the green for this cutting edge camera.

6 – 360 Fly 4K

The 360 Fly is a high quality 360 cam that offers high resolution, good frame rates and a solid construction. MSRP is asking $500, which, for one of the high-end models is a fair request.

5 – Sony A58K DSLR

The Sony A58K is a handheld, conventional 3D camera. Still shots are captured at a whopping 20.2 megapixels, while 3D video and photography boast quality resolution and clear images. MSRP is reported a $500.

4 – Panasonic Lumix 3D1

The Lumix 3D1 has been praised in some circles as the best Compact 3D camera of 2018. It features a dual lens design that allows it to shoot video and pictures in quality 3D while still being able to fit easily in your pocket. MSRP for the Lumix 3D1 sits at $600.

3 – Kodak Pixpro SP360 4k

The Pixpro SP360 offers high-quality video, in a water-resistant frame, in high-resolution 4K quality. Users have reported difficulties with the phone and desktop software. Regardless, the Pixpro SP360 is an excellent camera with an MSRP of $345.

2 – Fujifilm Real 3D W3

The Real 3D W3 is a heck of a camera due to its pristine images, dual-lens, and dual-sensors, which provide quality film and picture in 3D. To top it all off, the 3D W3 comes equipped with a 3D LCD display. MSRP is reported at $600.

1 – Nikon Key Mission

The Key Mission is a very solid product. Reviews boast easy to use handling, great video, powerful software and durable construction. The durability of this product is astounding and is ideal for adventurers, divers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. MSRP sits at $500 for one of the leading 3D cameras in 2018.


We have successfully navigated the crowd of 3D cameras for 2018 and singled out the 11 top-picks. We have reviewed the best price, to the highest quality, and even acknowledged the needs of the special niche photographer. It’s a vast market and there is definitely a little something for everyone out there.